Heavy Duty Garden Tillers: Do I need one?

It is that time of the year gardeners need to churn the soil and plant the seeds. When it comes to tilling tools it is always some claiming to be multi use. Many people need to consider their budget before looking at powered heavy duty garden tillers or manual ones. Another piece of information you may want to keep in mind is how much storage room they have to store the equipment. Before deciding which tiller to buy one should consider the size of their lawn and what they demand from the piece equipment they may purchase.

Manual rototillers are good for small size plots or small jobs. I would not recommend a manual one for a medium to large size spaces. They require upper body strength, if you love exercise then by all means go for the manual cultivator. But if not you would need to look at heavy duty garden tillers for a medium to large plot.

If you are someone with a medium size space then it is recommended to use powered tools. There is a large market for powered tools. In the market you may see everything from a mini tillers to heavy duty cultivators. With medium spaces, lawn care experts recommend heavy duty garden tillers. If you do not have the money or the space to store your heavy duty cultivator, do not worry, they are available to rent, afterwards you can use a smaller cheaper cultivator to maintain your plot year round.

These kinds of tools can range in price from $400-$900, expensive on the meekest of budgets. For large plots you may want to consider investing in heavy duty garden tillers. Not only would it cut your tilling time in half they are much better at maintenance for larger plots.