Troy Bilt Reviewed

Best Garden Tillers will give the honor of our first review to the Troy Bilt brand. Following are some it’s flagship products and what they can do.

– The Big Red Horse
This is basically Troy bilts’ flagship product, from all of their fleet. It is one of the strongest Garden Tillers from it’s kind and it is heavy packed with features, prepared to perform heavy-duty jobs in bigger spaces up to 2,500 square feet.

Highlights: Cast iron and bronze gear driven transmission, forward rotating tines for soil prep.
Price: $2,799

– Horse Cultivator
Also this goes in the category of Troy bilt’s heavy duty garden tillers, with a power to take care of big spaces up to 1,500 square feet and more. This is smaller than the previous model, however, it does the job just as good. And on top of that, it comes for a cheaper price too.

Highlights: 20 inch tilling width, 12 inch tine diameter
Price: $1,899

– Pro-Line FRT
Pro-Line FRT is a mid-sized rototiller which is packed with features and is recommended to be used for not more than 1,500 square feet plots. As a buyer, you should always count on its performance and durability. This is one of the most reliable garden tools from the Troybilt line.

Highlights: One hand operation for easy maneuvers, protective front bumper
Price: $1,199

– Bronco CRT
Now we switch to smaller sized tillers. This one has been designed small enough so that it can fit in between the garden rows. Its counter rotating design, as well as the small size help make this unit very easy to use. Alhtough small, the bronco CRT is powerful enough to handle most of your tough tilling jobs.

Highlights: counter rotating tines, tilling depth up to 6 inch
Price: $549

– Tuffy CRT
This one is of limited availability! It has been designed for smaller plots. It works perfectly for light  chores like weeding, composting, and small-scale groundbreaking. This model easily fits between rows. And like all Troy Bilt, it is built to last.

Highlights: rated as best value by a consumer publication, counter rotating tines
Price: $499.99

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