Top Garden Tiller Brands

The most important part of gardening is finding the right tools. There are many tools claiming to cut your tilling time in half by being multi-use tools. All garden tillers are not created equal. In fact many are for different size plots, have different functions and multi-purposes. They are generally used to churn the soil to soften and bring nurtures closer to the seeds intended to be planted. Many of the producers claim to convert into a weed eater if guards and blades are properly adjusted. Different brands offer many different functions for the pros.

· Brand #1- Mantis has been bringing quality tools to our homes for 30 years. Mantis claim to be the best selling cultivators on the market because of its versatility and lightweight. They are still as powerful as the heavier counterparts. In many cases Mantis pollutes less than the heavy duty counter-parts.

· Brand #2-Troy Bilt are not the most lightweight ones made but they do have very powerful motors. Troy Bilt tools are built for hardworking gardeners. The engines include durable cast iron transmission and a limited lifetime warranty. Troy Bilt are one of the few offering limited lifetime warranties with their tools. They are not the cheapest, but they are worth the price.

· Brand #3-Craftsman has been around for years making trusted, strong, quality tools. Craftsman tools are made with the same distinguishing qualities as Craftsman tools. They are strong, lightweight with great engines. The rototillers are cheaper than most name brand tools but they are still good quality.

There are many name brand tools that function well enough to till any soil under any circumstances. Many people normally go for the lightweight ones because they just have a small garden or not strong enough to handle the heavy weight tillers.