Small Garden Tillers

Small Garden Tillers for sale

Sometimes you may wonder which type of tilling tool is better to be used for your garden, small or large ones? Well, I can tell you that there is no definite answer to that question of yours. It all depends on the size of the garden and also on the type of soil.
For a smaller plot, you would want to use a smaller rototiller, because it is very easy to maneuver with it. Whereas for larger spaces, you would want to use a larger one. However, it doesn’t always depend on the space. If the ground was never tilled before, then it is recommended to use a bigger cultivator instead of small tillers, since you need to make sure the tilling depth is at the maximum.

Pros of using Small Garden Tillers
– They are light-weight and can be handled easy
– The tine depth and width can be accordingly adjusted
– They spend less electricity/gas

Cons of using a Small Garden Tillers
– Not good enough for big spaces
– Not strong enough on hard soil

Features Description
– Engines between 1 and 2 horsepowers
– Adjustable tilling depth for up to 5″ for most of the small tillers
– Many small cultivators have adjustable tine width, thus, can fit in tight spots
– Some of them can weigh as little as 11 lbs.

Small Garden Tillers – General information

Small garden tillers are great for soil that is not deeply compacted and for an area that is not that big. If you have very hard soil then it is suggested that you rent a larger rototiller and till the soil the first time. After that, a smaller one will do the job just fine.

They come in several different styles. You can get an electric tiller that will be much lighter and easier to move around your garden or you can opt for a gas rototiller. TheyƂ are usually heavier but you do not have to deal with a power cord.

Some of the top choices for small garden tillers are the Stih l, Troy Built and Mantis. All are great choices and will be sure to fit your needs. Make sure to make a list of features you want before buying your new tilling tool and you are sure to get one that fits all your needs.