Rear Tine Tillers

If you are going to get serious about gardening, then you should consider rear tine tillers. They are the best investment one can make for their garden. You should however carefully consider your options before making any decision to buy because it can get you from a hundred up to thousands of dollar lighter, depending on the type and size of the garden tiller.

Rear tine rototillers are mainly used for making the soil preparation easier. Preparing a garden of your own can be a very difficult task, therefore, one is better off if gardening tools such as a garden tiller are used. If you are tilling the soil for the first time, that means the soil is very hard and very difficult to break into smaller pieces, as a consequence, a bigger rototiller such as the rear tine tiller can be useful. They will make it easier for you to aerate the soil of your garden without dripping too much sweat. Your vegetables will be very happy for this, since they can grow bigger and healthier if they have aerated soil under their roots.

Rear Tine Tillers – Types

As previously mentioned, rear tine tillers are best used at tasks where the soil is hard and has never been prepared before. In order to prepare the seedbed, a rear tine tiller can till the soil at an unvarying depth because the way this machine is constructed, with the wheels in front, allow it to move slowly and be effective. But due to its size and construction, the wheels hold the machine at the same height, ensuring a similar depth on all levels.

Another feature that distinguishes rear tine tillers from their front tine counterparts is that they work faster and can accomplish more because the tines rotate faster hence giving a better performance with the same amount of resources. Rear tine tillers do however differentiate even further. There are three types: the Counter Rotating Tines (CRT), the Standard Rotating Tines (SRT), and the hybrid one. The CRT has tines that rotate counter to the moving of the wheels and can till up to 8” deep in the ground whereas the SRT have tines that move in the same direction as the wheels and can go only up to 2” deep. It is not advisable to try to make them do other tilling. For that you can have a hybrid tiller which allows to have CRT and SRT and you can till in different depths.