Lawn Cultivators: all you should know

What Are Lawn Cultivators?

In the world of gardening, there are many tools to ease gardeners work. Most of the tools, such as lawn cultivators and garden tillers seem similar. Lawn cultivators are essential to having a healthy green lawn. Lawn cultivators are tools used to mix soil before establishing a grassy lawn and used to maintain the lawn. The lawn cultivator is an environmentally friend alternative to gas or electric powered tillers. The lawn cultivator is great for any size lawn. The lawn cultivator has a rotating tine to ease movement and churn soil simultaneously.

Lawn cultivators are manual. They are design to be pushed by the user. Lawn cultivators are built with a row of tines which are design to move across soil while churning the soil. Lawn cultivators can be used to remove weeds from grass. Lawn cultivators promotes aeration, this process circulates air through the soil. Aeration is essential to having healthy green grass.

The lawn cultivator is an environmentally friendly option. The gas tiller requires mixing of oil and gas. With a lawn cultivator you do not have mix oil or worry about how the exhaust is affecting your lawn. Lawn cultivators usually cost less than the gas or electronic powered tillers. Most electronic powered tillers are usually priced higher than the gas tillers. Electronic tillers are priced higher, because they do not require chemical mixing and some of the tillers are battery powered. I would not recommend the gas or electronic powered tiller unless you have a medium to large size garden to tend.

Lawn cultivators are usually used by people with small to medium size lawns. Using the lawn cultivator year round with reassure your lawn stays green and beautiful. Cultivating and maintaining your lawn year round is much easier with manual lawn cultivators.

Soil in its natural state would always contain every natural material, which includes stones, sticks, and tree stumps, but even foreign materials, which include papers, pieces of metal, wood plunks etc, can also present. These are usually non-conducive environment for the growth of any vegetation especially vegetation planted artificially. Ground preparation is therefore paramount. Lawn cultivators are farm tools designed not only for land preparation for planting but also for maintenance of the land to sustain plant growth and development.

Every lawn set aside for planting grass has to be prepared for the grass seed. Lawn cultivator help in removing the initial topology, break hard ground, remove soil chunks, rocks and other elements while at the same time make the soil ready to accept seed. The process of tilling the lawn does help in aerating the soil, mixing manure and fertilizers and helping the water to mix properly with the soil. This is good for the germination of the seed

Lawn cultivators are not only soil preparation tools but they also help in maintaining the lawns. They help in improving aeration; mixing added fertilizers while at the same time remove weeds. This is performed by rotating tines and fixed to an axle that is driven through mechanical means. Lawn cultivators are designed in various ways to suite various demands. This include hand push lawn cultivators in which the tine are mechanically rotated by the physical push, diesel and or gas driven in which the lawn cultivator has a combustion engine as its power source, electrically powered; same concept but different power source and finally carted lawn cultivators; commonly used for large lawns.

Lawn cultivators being machines need a level of maintenance to keep them functioning effectively for prolonged periods of time. This includes sharpening of the tines to improve cutting through the soil therefore improving efficiency, cleaning after work and thoroughly drying them to prevent rusting and finally lubrication before storage. This should be in a dry humidity free environment.