Guide: Garden Cultivating Tools

In the wide world of gardening and lawn care, there are many different cultivating tools. There is manual, gas or electric power cultivating tools. There are many tools to select from rather you have a small patio gardens to large farms. The basic cultivating tools do not have to cost a fortune. The guide will help inexperienced people to select the right tools with going over budget. In the article, I will discuss cultivating tools for different size plots and budgets.

· Shovels, Spades and Trowels- Shovels are good for large holes or moving mulch and other loose dirt. Shovels come in different shape blades. The different shape blades are design for different jobs. Trowels are use to dig small holes for seeds, trowels are used at ground level.

· Hoes and Mattocks- Hoes are inexpensive garden cultivating tools, used in most small gardens. Hoes come in different sizes. For example, a heavy hoe is useful for breaking up clods while light hoes are useful for weeding. Mattocks are another useful cultivating tools. These tools are used to break up large clods of soil.

· Forks- Forks are another useful cultivating tool. They are inexpensive and can do what the more expensive cultivating tools do. Forks are as useful for moving many garden materials and digging up roots. The folk come in many different sizes just like the hoe and shovel.

· Cultivating and Power Tillers- Power tillers and cultivating tools are the most expensive cultivating tools on the market for gardeners. These cultivating tools are useful for people with larger plots to cultivate.

Larger gardens may require the expensive powered cultivating tools. Trying to use manual cultivating tools on larger plots is inefficient and extra hard work.